Meghan Markle to follow Kim Kardashian in final career move

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has been advised that taking up influencing would be the next best step as she navigates her next big career move.

Speaking about the Duchess of Sussex’s next ideal step, entertainment expert Mark Boardman told Newsweek that the Suits alum should dive headfirst into a Kim Kardashian style career, influencing.

“Transitioning into the role of an influencer is certainly a viable option for<a href="" title="<a href="">Meghan Markle Meghan Markle,” he said.

Noting her recent appearances at Prince Harry’s Invictus Games, the expert said that the former actress commanded a following that could be lucrative for her if tapped into properly.

“She already has a considerable online following, and recent appearances can only further bolster her chances of commanding a strong presence on social media, with a positive reaction to her supporting Harry with his work on the Invictus Games.”

He added that because Meghan had no major projects or commitments in the pipeline, it was better for her to take the plunge and work on creating an authentic image.

“However, with no TV or media work on the horizon, what could she talk about? Re-joining Instagram and relaunching her blog would allow her to engage with her audience more directly and potentially give her the chance to monetize her brand through partnerships and endorsements, which would require careful selection,” he said. 

“Any influencer work that Meghan takes on must align with her personal brand and values to maintain authenticity and credibility.”


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