Chris Evans opens up about living a simple ‘quotidian’ life, away from acting

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has recently revealed he wants to lead a simple life with less work and focus more on interesting but “quotidian” things.

In a new interview with GQ magazine, the Captain America star shared he would like to work less, saying, “I like autonomous things.”

“I’d like to just smoke a joint, put on some music, and like, get into pottery,” stated the 42-year-old.

The Fantastic Four actor remarked, “You know what I mean? Seth Rogen, what he’s doing. [The actor has started selling ceramics.] It’s good for you, man.”

“You just go to your workshop and make something. And how satisfying, how simple, how quotidian,” said Evans.

The actor admitted he “loves” acting” however, he noted that his profession “requires not just a lot of different artists, but it requires an audience” as well.

Evans disclosed that he has not been on a movie set in 2023 and does not plan to be by the end of the year.

The Gifted actor pointed out that he’s been thinking a lot about his existence and space.

“When I don’t pay attention to myself at all and just, you know, question why black holes exist, that brings into perspective a macro understanding of the fact that I’m even here is a miracle. It’s like shooting a bullet with another bullet,” explained Evans.

The Gray Man actor added, “I mean, the fact that any of us are here is unbelievable. And that kind of just brings me a sense of deep peace. And I don’t have any more thoughts or questions about my own career.”


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