Cat ‘Mahina’ reunites with family after surviving 100 days in Maui wildfires — A paw-fect reunion!

A displaced cat named “Mahina” was reunited with her owners earlier this week after she got lost in the wildfires that occurred in the area last year, after spending 100 days in the burn zone, People reported.

According to Maui Humane Society’s Facebook page, their fire task force found the cat in the wild. Then, using the microchip on the pet, they tracked her owners.

They shared that the family was “overjoyed to learn that Mahina was a survivor.”

Reuniting Mahina with her family was a lengthy task, and all expenses were covered by the Maui Humane Society.

They covered the cost of Mahina’s health certificate and travel. Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines helped keep her safe amid her travels. A “trusted transporter” later aided her as she travelled from Seattle to Montana, the Maui Humane Society said.

Mahina’s family had relocated miles away to Montana due to the natural disaster; upon reaching Montana, they had filed a missing pets report.

They said they had lost all hope of ever reuniting with her again.

In an update, Mahina’s owners told the Maui Humane Society that their pet “is doing so good,” noting, “She stays strictly inside now, but since we are in Montana, she hasn’t wanted to go outside because of the snow!”

“She is a happy kitty and loves to play with her feather toy and watch TV with us. She’s so goofy and is so happy to be home with her parents,” they added.


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