93% of Gen Z have ‘ghosted’ job interviews

We’ve all heard about ghosting in romantic relationships, friendships and among loved ones too, and it isn’t a new phenomenon anymore.

But surprisingly, the concept is not restricted to the aforementioned scenarios, thanks to today’s Generation Z, aka Gen Z, who’re now known for ghosting potential employers as well.In a survey conducted by job search portal Indeed in the United Kingdom (UK), comprising 1,500 companies and 1,500 employees, 75% Gen Z population respondents said they had ignored a potential employer in the past year, Fortune reported.The study said that the worst violators are by far the younger generation of workers and found that almost 93% of Gen Z’s have ghosted an interview.It further found that even though 87% had managed to charm their way through interviews, securing jobs, and signing contracts, they left their employers stranded on the very first day of work.Upon asking the reason why, the survey found that it makes them “feel in charge of their career.”Almost half of those surveyed said they plan on pulling a disappearing act again. The older workers said that after not going on an interview or meeting an employer, they feel remorse and guilt.Even millennials said that they feel anxious and worry that this will harm their chances of getting opportunities in the future.The study also found that businesses are also joining in on this trend; one in five workers complained that a prospective employer had failed to show up for a phone interview, while 23% had been provided with a verbal offer only to be left hanging.


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