King Charles looks ‘Downcast’ as Queen Camilla gives health update

King Charles

King Charles was observed driving his car near Sandringham today as he readies for a hospital visit later this week. 

The monarch was spotted behind the wheel of his electric Audi in Norfolk, where he has been residing since the weekend, awaiting treatment for an enlarged prostate.Returning from Scotland with Queen Camilla on Friday, Charles made his way to the Sandringham estate. The sighting coincided with Camilla providing a health update on her husband while carrying out engagements today.Despite Charles taking a break from public life for his upcoming medical procedure, Camilla continues with business as usual. Today, she visited Swindon, dropping in on Deacon and Sons, a 175-year-old family-run jewelry shop.While out and about today, Camilla met 86-year-old Jessie Jackson, from Swindon, who was among a group who gathered outside the jewellery shop to catch a glimpse of the Queen. Ms Jackson said she shook the Queen’s hand and asked her how Charles was doing, with Camilla telling her he was ‘fine’.

King Charles looks Downcast as Queen Camilla gives health update
Camilla thanked her for asking and Ms Jackson added: “She’s lovely.” Nicky Jackson, 48, who accompanied Ms Jackson, added: “She asked how Charles was. He’s fine. We didn’t ask about Kate. We forgot about poor Kate.” She added: “She’s a big royalist this one (Jessie), so she was very excited.”

Charles’ impending procedure coincides with the Princess of Wales remaining hospitalized after abdominal surgery. Kate is not expected to undertake official engagements until after Easter.Buckingham Palace announced news about the King’s health last Wednesday, just 90 minutes after Kensington Palace shared that Kate was in the hospital. On Sunday, it was confirmed that Charles’ former sister-in-law, Sarah, Duchess of York, has been diagnosed with skin cancer.


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