Meghan Markle warned Prince Harry that taking

Meghan Markle warned Prince Harry that taking her ‘side against his family’ could backfire

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marital relationship and the couple’s dynamics with the royal family were recently weighed in on by a journalist who also talked about her tensions with her father-in-law.

Writing a descriptive story for Daily Mail, Rowan Pelling said that she tried to ‘steer well clear’ of her in-laws over Christmas and New Year ‘like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’.

“After all, surely the worst thing you can do for a husband with a difficult relationship with his relatives is to lead him back into the quagmire?” she wrote in her new piece titled ‘Memo to Meghan’.

The journalist expressed: “Personally, though, I wouldn’t be so sure. In her recent podcast series Archetypes, Meghan discussed the thorny themes of ‘good wife, bad wife’. I couldn’t help feeling she’d overlooked one key quality when it comes to acting in your husband’s best interests.”

“I’ve long felt a supportive wife should do everything in her power to help her spouse maintain a warm relationship with his own family and avoid the temptation of widening rifts.

She however added: “some clans are so unpleasant and vindictive that keeping distance becomes the only sane policy. But for the most part (and I certainly include the Windsors in this generalization), schisms spring from the sorts of common misunderstandings that plague families.

“They tend to involve sibling rivalry, past grief, and the fact that different generations often hold polarised beliefs,” she added.

Rowan further explained: “As an in-law, you can either encourage your other half to try and better understand their family members’ points of view (which is not the same thing as agreeing with them) or you can amplify their sense of outrage.”

Prince Harry suddenly ‘cut us all dead’, says royal photographer

Prince Harry and his ‘inseparable’ bond with Prince William were suddenly changed when Meghan Markle became pregnant with Archie.

During his conversation with Fox News Digital, royal family photographer Arthur Edwards said that he went “everywhere” with the royal brothers.

“They were just sensational. They were like rock stars. The kids were crazy for them,” he said.

“Meghan was brilliant. She was doing selfies with them, signing autographs, posing – she was just having a fabulous time with the people,” the author of Behind the Crown: My Life Photographing the Royal Family said.

“They went everywhere and people loved them. But then towards the end, when she became pregnant, it changed. It was less fun.

“And then the last tour, it was just miserable. [Harry] completely changed. He cut himself off from the media. One day he just stopped talking to us. He just cut us all dead,” he added.

“The brothers were so close,” Edwards added. “They did everything together. They were absolutely inseparable.

“There’s a bitterness now that wasn’t there before. I remember watching them play football together, and ride horses together – they were always together. At the moment, I can’t see them reconciling, but I’ve got my fingers crossed,” he added.