Prince William, Princess Kate set eyes on next milestone amid shock abdication

Princess Kate and her husband Prince William are all set to take key lesson from Queen Margrethe of Denmark’s official abdication for their next milestone.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are said to be celebrating and enjoying the sweet feelings of becoming King William and Queen Catherine while preparing themselves to take the top spot in the royal family.

The Waleses are reportedly “studying” the abdication of Queen Margrethe of Denmark as the nature of the monarch’s surprise abdication will lay the groundwork for William’s own ascension to King.

Ephraim Hardcastle, Daily Mail columnist, wrote that the future King will be “noting how the transfer to Frederik X involves little other than the signing of papers, the changing of royal standards and a proclamation. For William, keen to downsize his own coronation, the relative simplicity may be appealing.”

William is said to be keen to adjust the centuries old service to modernise it when it comes his time to wear the crown. A source close to the future king told the Sunday Times: “There is no way he will go down that route or anything like it.”

“He is really thinking, how do we make his coronation feel most relevant in the future? He is mindful of the fact that in 20 years’ time, or whenever his time comes, how can the coronation be modern but also unifying to the nation and the Commonwealth? I think his coronation will look and feel quite different,” they added.


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