Prince William ‘warns’ King Charles about Prince Harry amid ‘peace talks’

Prince William is reportedly seething over King Charles’ decision to resolve feud with Prince Harry following years of animosity.

The Duke of Sussex is understood to have thawed relationship with his father after the former reached out to the King at the end of 2023.

A source told In Touch that the 75-year-old monarch left the royal family members surprised by “mending things” with the shunted royal.

They particularly dished on the Prince of Wales’ reaction, claiming, “He’s furious,” and reportedly told his father: “‘It’s Harry or me,’” the source continued, “And Charles chose Harry. Now William can’t help but feel betrayed.”

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“William warned his father that it’s only a matter of time before Harry betrays the family again.”

The insider added: “It seemingly fell on deaf ears, though.”

It has also been claimed that the King might end up welcoming back Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in the royal fold, conferring them “new roles in the monarchy,” much to William’s dismay.

“He’s feeling beyond stressed,” the source added, “and bitter.”

Prince William’s reservation about having the Sussexes return to the UK and resume their royal duties is warranted, and is further proof of his best interests for the monarchy. 


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