Meghan Markle ‘delights’ Prince William, Princess Kate with latest move

Meghan Markle has been advised shed off her image of misery by embracing her fun side for her rebrand attempt.

The Duchess of Sussex garnered praise from royal experts for her latest move of appearing in a care-free commercial of Clevr Blends earlier this week.Speaking to the Daily Mail, royal expert Phil Dampier suggested that contrary to popular belief, the Royal Family, including King Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, will be “delighted” with her. He also shared that the former actress is in a desperate need of stepping out from the shadow of Prince Harry and the couple’s constant victim mentality. Also Read: Meghan Markle’s ‘clever’ approach to rehabilitate her ‘dramatic’ image“This is showing her in a better more relaxed way. It’s all about image and nothing happens by accident, but I’m sure the King, William and Catherine would be delighted if they just got on with a new life in California and stopped the feuding,” he said. However, the ordeal entails letting go of her grudge against the Royal Family and solely focusing on her prospective career ventures.“Meghan is not a stupid person and I think she realises that she and Harry have overdone the victim card,” claimed the royal expert.He suggested that the duchess’ PR team urged her to be “more positive and not just live off criticising the Royal Family.”Also Read: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘reject offers’ after being in ‘extremely high demand’Dampier continued: “The more natural Meghan looks the better, even if the photo opportunities might be staged.”“Meghan has a fun side and she would be better off showing that rather than claiming her life is a misery because of what happened to her while in the Royal Family,” added the expert.


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