Astronomers stumble upon eerie alien whistles through hunting telescope

Astronomers have been puzzled by unusual radio transmissions from outer space because of whistle-like activity as 35 infrequent outbursts of fast radio bursts were observed by them.

Astronomers referred to a shift in burst frequency as a “cosmic slide whistle”.

There has never been a pattern like this one before.

FRBs are electromagnetic radiation bursts that a radio telescope can detect in waves.

It is believed that they originate from massive stellar mergers or neutron stars.

Researchers are still trying to figure out a lot of the mysteries surrounding them.

Experts hope to discover a recurring signal from outer space, which they believe to be an alien message.

The whistle-like bursts were discovered by researchers utilising the Allen Telescope Array at the SETI Institute.

The purpose of that telescope was to detect any indications of possible alien intelligence.

The journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society reported the researchers’ findings.

An explanation from the study said: ” These mysterious signals exhibit downward frequency drifting, a connection between their bandwidth and centre frequency, and changes in burst duration over time.” 


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