Kim Kardashian gets her own Spice Girl name from Geri Halliwell

Kim Kardashian’s Spice Girl name aptly highlights her many qualities as a person.

Speaking to E! News, Geri Halliwell-Horner, former member of Spice Girls, gave Kim her own Spice Girls name following the socialite’s claim that she was asked to fill in for Victoria Beckham.

“She deserves something really good,” the Wannabe singer affirmed of The Kardashians star.

“She deserves something like Inner Strength Spice,” Ginger Spice continued. “I think she’s Smart Spice.”

“She’s smart. It’s brilliant that you’re beautiful from the outside, but also she’s beautiful with a book in her back pocket.”

“I love that. We can be all things. Good for her!” expressed the singer.

It comes after the SKIMS mogul revealed that she was tipped to fill in for Beckham for a reunion tour of the British girl group.

“They asked me if I would be her part. Mel C asked me,” she told her friends during a soccer game on the recent episode of their Hulu’s reality TV series.

“Can you imagine? North is like, ‘Do it, mom!’” Kim enthused, adding: “Sporty Spice [Mel C] wrote a book and she signed it inside and she sent it to me.”

“It said they were going on tour and they needed a Posh and would I be the Posh? I am sure she was joking but when I was in high school would I ever have thought that this was like a thing?” she expressed.

“I am just a girl from high school who loves the Spice Girls and now they are asking me?” the businesswoman added.


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