Carl Radke avoids ‘awkward’ run-in with ex fiancée Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke were seen at the same event for the first time after calling off their engagement two months ago.

The former couple attended the premier party, at which Hubbard seemed in good spirits, whereas Radke “went to another room” after her arrival.

On Tuesday night, October 24, the executive producer of Grace Note, 38, and the TV personality, 37, shared the same space as they attended the Season 3 premiere party of Winter House.

According to Page Six, several sources chirped to the outlet and one insider straight away cooled down any speculations of them getting back, saying, “Carl arrived first and Lindsay about an hour later.”

A second source disclosed that Hubbard seemed to be in good spirits and “came in for hugs and pictures with the rest of the cast.”

However, as soon as the PR specialist stepped into the party, Radke “went to another room,” the insider added.

Another source confirmed that Radke was “definitely off and very somber.”

Meanwhile, one eyewitness spilled the beans, “Carl did some rounds before Lindsay arrived, but it was very low energy,” the observer explained. “I’d say they were openly avoiding each other.”

The first source shared that the former Lover Boy employee “left shortly after Lindsay arrived,” hinting that the latter wasn’t aware her ex-fiancé would be at the party.

This marks the first time the two found themselves in the same room, interacting with the same people, following the shocking end of their engagement in August, only three months before their wedding date.


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