Kate Middleton secret weapon to ‘stay on top’ in the Royal Family

Princess Kate’s wide support among Britons stems from her ability to stay flexible in the face of conforming to the principles of the monarchy.

Speaking to the Daily Express, royal author Tom Quinn shared, “Kate is very good at not complaining at adopting. She’s a better actor than Meghan because this is a role she wasn’t born into, but she’s played a blinder.”

He noted that the Princess of Wales has embodied the late Queen Elizabeth’s mantra of “never complain, never explain” that made her “such a remarkable monarch.”

The mom-of-three, who grew up in a normal household, didn’t falter in the face of “strict set of rules” posed at her when she entered the Royal fold, Quinn explained.

“I don’t think Kate had a problem with the boundaries of the Royal Family,” he affirmed, branding her a “conformist.”

It comes after a poll by YouGov heralded Kate as the most popular royal, with 72 percent of the vote from the public, last month.

Meanwhile, the Suits alum, who is described as a “rebel” by Quinn, secured only 24 percent of the vote.

“Meghan hated [the rules] because she wanted to make her own,” the expert added. 


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