Britney Spears not telling whole truth about cheating on Justin Timberlake

Britney Spears appears to be holding back in her memoir while describing the details of her tryst with dancer Wade Robson.

The Grammy-winning musician, 41, addressed claims of infidelity during her three-year relationship with Justin Timberlake in her forthcoming memoir, The Woman in Me.

Spears shared hat she and Robson “went to a Spanish bar” one night and that they just “made out … that night.” The Gimme More singer revealed that she immediately confessed to Timberlake about it, and they agreed to “move past” it.

However, according to songwriter Annet Artani, who co-wrote Spears’ hit Everytime, told Page Six that the alleged affair “went on for quite a while.”

Artani, 47, contradicts the claims in the memoir as she said that the connection was “deeper” as she wrote a 14-page letter to Robson before breaking things off.

“I think it’s deeper also because they were all friends. … I think it’s much more complicated than to say, ‘We tap kissed at the end of the bar one night.’”

However, Artani also claimed that Spears being unfaithful was finally Timberlake’s way out of the relationship.

“He probably wanted to end it because he’s this young, handsome pop star, who probably didn’t want to be tied down and here’s an opportunity,” she said.


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