No party should be barred from election

Pakistan Muslim League (Zia) chief Ijazul Haq has alleged that the administration is receiving messages to support specific parties but the approach would not improve the country’s situation.

During a press conference, he said that someone might be appointed the Prime Minister for the fourth time. He called for the dedication to constitutional principles, if democracy is to flourish, otherwise the country would return to the politics of the past decade. “Regrettably, there is a lack of accountability in the country. I am in talks with certain parties interested in handling Pakistan’s challenges. I have initiated talks with them, and we will announce an alliance next week.”

Ijazul Haq said that October 21 should not turn into another October 12 but martial law does not provide solutions. He said he does not support martial law. He said that caretaker governments had completed their terms and demanded open and fair elections without banning any political parties.


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