Julia Fox’s photoshoot hours before giving birth: Last-minute maternity masterpiece

Julia Fox, the former partner of Kanye West, has detailed her whirlwind experience in her forthcoming memoir, Down the Drain. 

In a sneak peek from the book, the actress recounts the intense moments leading up to the birth of her son, Valentino, who is now two years old. 

During a routine checkup on January 16, just three weeks before her due date, Fox received distressing news from her doctor. 

Her blood pressure had surged dangerously, prompting medical professionals to recommend inducing labor immediately.

Faced with the unexpected urgency of the situation, Fox found herself with only a few hours to “gather her things” and seize the opportunity for a professional maternity photoshoot. 

Facing the unexpected urgency of the situation, Fox found herself in a state of panic as she realized she was ill-prepared for the imminent arrival of her child. 

As she recounts in her memoir, she lacked essential baby supplies such as diapers, a crib, a car seat, and even a stroller. 

She pleaded with her doctor for a brief reprieve, desperately needing time to ‘gather her things’—a request that included a poignant desire to capture maternity photos before the impending labor.


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