Anne Hathaway considers ‘ageing’ just another word for ‘living

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has recently reflected on regressive comments about her look as she shared her two cents on ageing and beauty.

Speaking on TODAY show, the Princess Diaries actress responded to a question about receiving compliments from fans like “You look really good for your age.”

To this, Anne said, “I don’t really think about age. To me, ageing is another word for living.”

Anne, who began her acting journey at the age of 17, shared that there is this perception of a “cliff” in Hollywood that actresses reach once they hit a certain age in their careers.

The Intern star noted, “If people want to pay you a compliment, that’s nice.”

“But, also, whatever the hype is, I’m interested in what’s beyond the concept of hype,” she remarked.

Currently, the Witches actress became the global brand ambassador to the skincare brand, Shiseido and their latest campaign, “Potential has no age”.

While discussing about the campaign slogan, Anne remarked, “I love putting that out there. I love watching these young people who have so much more freedom than I had.”

“Just imagine what they can do if they never had the concept of a cliff, or a shelf-life, or any of those thing,” added the actress.


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