Ryan Reynolds shares glimpse into royal ‘crash course’ before meeting King Charles

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds was given proper training in etiquettes and customs before he met with King Charles III as he shares an insight in a teaser for his FX series, Welcome to Wrexham.

Reynolds co-owns the Wrexham football club with Rob McElhenney, and have been documenting the whole journey of the club’s revamp in the documentary.

In the newly released trailer for the second season, the Deadpool star reflects on the surreal moment with the King of England called and shared the experience of their unexpected interaction.

The clip details how the two club owners prepared to introduce themselves to Charles, 74. The show’s official social media handle wrote, “Rob and Ryan get a crash course in royal etiquette. FX’s Welcome to Wrexham returns 9.12 on FX. Stream on @hulu.”


“So, the King of England called,” the actor, 46, says in the video clip alongside McElhenney, 46. “We went to monarchy boot camp. It was like the military except your pinky is always up.”

“I feel like a serial killer,” Reynolds quips while remaining still in one clip, while their coach tells them, “Everything starts with a first impression.”

The Adam Project star has been working dedicatedly to uplift the community ever since acquiring the club in 2020.

The Hollywood A-lister shared his sentiments for the club in the previously released trailer, “Rob and I both said early on, and this holds true and for the rest of our lives, we will do anything to uplift and elevate this community and this club.”

Sharing his excitement, he added that the King visiting the club is “certainly one way to do it.”

Welcome to Wrexham will return with its second season on September 12, 2023.


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