Prince George has to pass tough examinations before becoming King

Prince George

Prince George: Kate Middleton and Prince William are very much concerned about their children and keeping them under close watch as they do not want history to repeat itself.

Prince George, is the oldest child of Prince and Princess of Wales’s three children and second in line to become king after his father, has to go through many tough examinations before becoming the King.

The royal family is reportedly keeping tabs on George’s relationship with his siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, so that they could grow in a more normal way together.

The royal family does not want any of them to build feelings like Prince Harry mentioned in his book Spare.

“They have to think about George’s feelings in relation to his siblings. George has all this pressure,” according to a royal expert.

Christopher Andersen claimed that the 10-year-old needs to be able to rely on Charlotte and Louis later so that they could not feel “sidelined.” 

The royal expert, who wrote The King: The Life of King Charles III, told Us Weekly “they don’t wanna feel invisible in George’s shadow.”

The expert went on saying: “The royal family does not want another kid writing a book … another edition of Spare. Obviously, Harry was very hurt by being in the shadow of his brother. I think they’re aware of that.”

Prince George has to pass tough examinations before becoming King

However, William and Kate’s children do not use their royal title and go by far more normal names to help them blend in amongst their fellow pupils. They are known at school as George Wales, Charlotte Wales and Louis Wales.

The royal family traditionally do not have a surname as they are known by their first name and royal title in the public eye.

William and Kate, according to an insider, want Prince George – second in line to the throne​​t – to learn to pass all exams of his early life before taking the big royal duty he’s destined for.

Why Kate Middleton chose Lambrook School for her children?

Princes George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are all set to resume their classes at Lambrook School close to their Windsor home of Adelaide Cottage next week after enjoying the summer vocations.

The proud parents reportedly checked out several top schools before deciding to send them to Lambrook last September after the Waleses left London life behind.

The future King will also have good education their to control their emotions and caring other’s as his new school, according to the statement, is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of its pupils so they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at Lambrook.

It will also put Kate’s mind at ease as Princess of Wales reportedly once left a school because she was badly bullied. William’s wife Kate first attended Downe House School in Berkshire and later moved to Marlborough College in Wiltshire where she thrived and was very popular.


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