Blink-182 fans send hate to Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker amid ‘family emergency’


Blink-182 fans were left deeply annoyed after the band postponed their concerts in Dublin, Belfast and Glasgow owing to its star drummer Travis Barker’s ‘family emergency’.

While many fans speculated that Barker’s wife Kourtney Kardashian was set to give birth to their first child, many were less than pleased to see photos of the couple hours later walking out of a hospital with no baby in sight.

What could have been a false alarm has left fans irate as many spent a pretty penny in hopes to see the punk rock band live.

One user on Reddit described the troubles they went through to see the band only to realise that their hard-earned money was going down the drain.

“I’m hoping it will be a few days later and not rescheduled to the original planned dates. I was meant to be at the Dublin show, and cancelled everything (losing a bunch of money in the process). As I was only going to see them,” one user said. 

“Good if everything seems to be ok. But still annoying for the fans who have spent or lost lots of money around their concerts,” another noted. 

However, one jumped in the band’s defense stating that fans should cut Barker and some slack owing to the sensitivity of the situation.  

“Man, I wish people would leave others alone in these situations. It’s literally nobody else’s business,” one user said. 

The comment did not sit well as another detailed the extensive planning they went through just to see Blink-182. 

“Well it is my business since I’ve got tickets for Copenhagen show, booked flights and apartment – and have no idea if I’m gonna fly or loose my money. What are you talking about,” the commenter interjected.

“I had a ticket for the Dublin show (and literally only bought it on Wednesday after debating a lot on whether I should or not). Spent more than I wanted and probably more than I should really be spending just now to go,” another chimed in.


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