K-pop band Seventeen’s Mingyu and Joshua discuss what type of children they were

Mingyu and Joshua from the K-pop group Seventeen partnered with Cosmopolitan for their May issue where they discussed what they were like as children. The group is currently celebrating the success of their latest comeback named FML.

“I was a kid who really liked people,” explained Joshua, with the pair labelling themselves as the ‘angelic ENFJ duo.’ “I liked talking with my friends, sharing delicious treats if I had any, and exchanging interesting stories.”

Mingyu readily agreed with his bandmate, adding: “Ah, you and I were exactly the same,” he further elaborated. “I definitely liked being with others rather than being alone! If there was no one there I could hang out with, I wanted to be with someone, even if I had to make it happen myself. If that person was able to be happy because of me, then I was also happy.”


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