Badmash Company

Albums Badmash Company
Singers Parmeet Sethi
Director Yash Raj Films
Music ByParmeet Sethi
StarCastKaran (Shahid Kapoor), Bulbul (Anushka Sharma), Chandu (Vir Das), and Zing (Meiyang Chang)

Badmaash Company” is a 2010 Bollywood film directed by Parmeet Sethi and produced by Yash Raj Films. Set in the 1990s, the movie follows four young friends—Karan (Shahid Kapoor), Bulbul (Anushka Sharma), Chandu (Vir Das), and Zing (Meiyang Chang)—who band together to create a company that engages in illegal yet innovative business ventures. Their quest for quick wealth and a glamorous lifestyle takes them from Mumbai to Bangkok and eventually the United States, as they pull off a series of high-stakes cons and schemes.

The film explores themes of ambition, greed, friendship, and the consequences of living a life of crime. As the friends’ fortunes rise and fall, they are forced to confront the moral and personal costs of their actions. “Badmaash Company” blends elements of drama, comedy, and romance, delivering an engaging narrative that reflects the spirit and challenges of young entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing world. The energetic performances, catchy soundtrack, and stylish direction contribute to the film’s appeal, making it a memorable entry in Bollywood’s heist genre.

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Badmaash Company



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