Elon Musk’s Youtube-like video venture gathers criticism from industry

Musk’s plan to launch a video platform is facing criticism by the competition favoring their present position, reported by analysts of TechNewsWorld.

Musk recently announced his intentions on X to bring videos onto SmartTVs in a direct way bypassing the current active players in this market. The up-and-coming service that will be available on Samsung TVs and Amazon’s Fire TV in the near future is believed to offer a YouTube-customised viewing experience designed for larger screens.

However, despite Musk’s record producing disruption, people are still skeptical. Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group blames Musk’s incompetence on his performance in his new area of endeavor as manager of the Twitter platform.

In addition to this, Mark N Vena of SmartTech Research underlines the number of audience competing for the same audience, suggesting a distinctive feature or engaging content for the audience.

Still, despite negative outlook, some see Musk’ venture as a new hope. Michael Horning, a professor from Virginia Tech considers the relocation as the progress of the development process. The hiring of another veteran in the industry Linda Yaccarino is a sign of the strategies of Elon Musk.

On the other side, Matt Dolgin of Morningstar Research Services is skeptical as he believes the same with consumers and content providers lacking interest for the offering from Elon Musk.


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