Did you know Pope owned a house inside Disneyland?

Tens of thousands of people at Disney Land pass by the Pope’s house every day. Yet nobody knows that Disneyland has a private home, Sfgate reported.

It had two full-time inhabitants who got to stay after the park closed for the night and moved out in 1971 but their house still remains today.

In 1951, Walt Disney employed Owen and Dolly Pope to counsel Imagineers about the use of animals in theme parks, as well as to provide care for the horses that would ultimately drive the Conestoga Waggons attraction and other park animals.

However, the horses required care after hours as well, which is why Walt Disney decided to have popes live inside Disneyland.


During the construction of Disneyland, when various structures were being moved from the property, Owen and Dolly were given their choice of houses from the ones that were being moved. 

The home they selected was relocated to the 10-acre Pony Farm, which eventually became the current Circle D Corral.

The Popes moved into the home three days before Disneyland’s opening and it is the only house still standing on the grounds of Disneyland Resort. 

Moreover, the Popes played a significant role in the history of both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts since they were the first administrators of the Pony Farm, which is now known as Circle D Corral.


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