How can you protect yourself during dog attacks?

Dogs are loved as pets but a lack of training can turn these adorable little animals into vicious monsters because, last week, a 35-year-old Detroit man lost his life, days after being attacked by three pit bull mix dogs while walking along a bus stop.

According to the Detroit Animal Control and Care, the dogs had escaped from a fenced yard, leaving behind a grieving family including the man’s wife and six children.

While certified dog trainer and K-9 Behaviour Consultant Ash Rose expressed sadness over the “tragic” event, she also shared tips on protecting oneself from dog attacks.

Running, yelling are off the table

“If you think you are about to be attacked by a dog, you don’t want to run or yell,” Rose said. “You want to move slowly and calmly. Use non-threatening body language to communicate you are not a threat to the dog.”

Rose emphasized the importance of remaining calm and avoiding sudden movements or loud noises if faced with an aggressive dog.

Instead, she advised using non-threatening body language to convey that you are not a threat.

Find higher ground

Rose also suggested seeking higher ground, such as a car, to escape from a dog attack.

In the event of an active attack, she cautioned against yelling or hitting the dog, as it could escalate the situation.

The best thing you can do is stay on your feet, Rose said, adding that using objects like a coat or bag to distract the dog was a recommended strategy.

Always be prepared

Rose said fatal dog attacks are rare, but being prepared is good which is why she carries a pet corrector to deter dogs with sound and a bite stick to pry open a dog’s jaws if necessary.

The three dogs responsible for Phillips’ death were euthanised, and their owners received citations.

Rose stressed the importance of responsible dog ownership to prevent such tragedies.


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