Do you believe in aliens? One in 3 Americans believes they exist

Do you believe that aliens exist in this world? Do you believe that they live with us?

Do you believe that aliens exist in this world? Do you believe that they live with us? 

Ever caught yourself glancing at someone, perhaps your boss or a well-known celebrity, and pondered the possibility of them being an extraterrestrial being? 

A recent survey of 1,000 Americans conducted by Talker Research on behalf of delves into the intriguing realm of beliefs surrounding extraterrestrial life, revealing a tapestry of perspectives that range from whimsical musings to staunch skepticism.

The survey unfolds a narrative where 37% of respondents entertain the notion that aliens might already be among us, seamlessly integrating into our daily lives. On the flip side, 41% firmly reject this idea, while 22% remain suspended in uncertainty. Interestingly, a nuanced gender divide surfaces, as 56% of men lean towards belief compared to 49% of women.

The workplace takes centrestage in this cosmic contemplation, injecting a touch of levity into the survey. A playful 39% suggest that their current boss might hail from another planet, adding a whimsical twist to the ponderings. Additionally, a third of respondents whimsically speculate about certain celebrities not originating from Earth.

Beyond the terrestrial musings, the survey explores the hypothetical scenario of an official alien contact. While 43% express confidence in current world leaders representing Earth, a surprising 42% believe in their own ability to secure peace if chosen to negotiate with extraterrestrial life.

The survey situates itself within the broader context of ongoing fascination with extraterrestrial phenomena. From purported 10-foot tall ‘aliens’ in Brazil to contested ‘extraterrestrial’ corpses in Peru and even the tourist board of Kentucky beaming messages to space, the interest in the unknown continues to captivate.

As Michael Dinich, founder of, points out, “The results show that, when it comes to believing in extraterrestrial life, many Americans are open to the possibility.” 

It reflects not just a matter of speculation but a whimsical exploration of possibilities. 


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