Prince Harry reaching out to Princess Kate ‘not a sign of softening relations’

Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should not expect for the royal rift to end after they reportedly reached out to King Charles and Kate Middleton in the wake of the respective surgeries.

According to the Mirror, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex privately reached out to the senior royal members to pass on their concerns for their health.

Speaking to ET, royal expert Katie Nicholl noted that the alleged reaching out was not necessarily a sign of thawing relations between the two parties but rather a gesture of human courtesy.

“We understand that they’ve reached out both to the king and the Princess of Wales. Is that a thawing of relations, or is it just a human courtesy? I think probably the latter,” she suggested.

“I think it is courtesy more than the sign of any softening of relations, particularly between the couple and Princess Catherine.”

However, Nicholl expressed hope over some “dialogue between Harry and his father” in the coming weeks, as the King recovers from his prostrate surgery.

“Whatever’s happened between them, Harry will be concerned for his father,” the royal expert explained. “It’s still his father. He’s still gone in for an operation. Yes, a pretty standard one, but a procedure nonetheless.

“One wonders if this might just be the opening that’s needed for a bit more dialogue between the couple and the king, and possibly even Princess Catherine,” she added. 


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