Prince William’s heart melting words help Princess Kate regain healthPrince

Prince William, who has cleared his diary of official visits to take care of Princess Kate, once left fans swooning with his comment about his sweet wife who’s currently regaining health after a major surgery.

The Prince and Princess of Wales enjoy very strong bond and often mesmerise fans when out and about on engagements together, with William missing no opportunity to melt hearts with a sweet comments about Kate during their outing.William once left fans stunned with a sweet comment about his wife. It came as Kate and her husband travelled to Wales and stopped to chat to well-wishers who had gathered outside at a market in Abergavenny. Many of the fans had braved the cold weather to catch a glimpse of the pair.But despite the freezing weather William made a very sweet comment about his wife of more than 12 years. After shaking hands with one fan, the heir to the throne pointed towards his wife and said: “She has the coldest hands ever.” And he followed up with: “But they say ‘cold hands, warm heart’.”Undoubtedly, William’s sweet words work to heal Kate’s wounds as she smiles while reminiscing about her loved-up moments with her husband. And it appears to be a real medicines for the ailing royal who needs more attention and care from the future king.The Princess of Wales, who’s spending her ninth day in the hospital, is expected to remain there for between 10 and 14 days in total, with William seen leaving the London Clinic where Kate is recuperating. The future King has temporarily stepped back from his royal role in order to care for his wife, while at the same time be there for their three children.


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