Piers Morgan calls Prince Harry, Meghan Markle his ‘favourite people’

Inside Hardman's book, it’s believed one member of staff said Queen Elizabeth II was "as angry as I'd ever seen her."

UK’s outspoken TV presenter Piers Morgan could not stop mocking Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as he called them his favorite people while blasting the couple over their alleged claims about daughter Lilibet’s name.

Morgan, on his talk show, shared his thoughts over reports that the late Queen Elizabeth II was furious over Meghan and Harry naming their daughter Lilibet.

Touching on the topic, he said: “Let’s turn to two of my favourite people, Harry and Meghan. So a new book, a very authoritative book, by a guy called Robert Hardman who has the inside track for the royals.”

“They’ve all collaborated with this book about the later Queen in particular. She was far from approving Harry and Meghan saying they could call their daughter Lilibet. Which was her private nickname given to her by Prince Phillip and used by a tiny number of the family, she was furious and really upset. Another whopper, from the Sussex whopper machine!”

Morgan, as usual flayed the couple over their claims, but few of his words sparked laughter as he called Harry and Meghan his favourite people.

Agreeing to Morgan, guest Timpf commented: “One thing about my family is that I know I can tell them anything, even if we’re fighting they’re not going to share that. They [Harry and Meghan] took family secrets and exposed everything. They don’t seem to have any relationship with their family other than as a cash cow.”

Piers responded as saying: “They lied about it, I mean repeatedly. Most of this stuff seems to be untrue.”

Inside Hardman’s book, it’s believed one member of staff said Queen Elizabeth II was “as angry as I’d ever seen her.” However, Harry and Meghan revealed she had given Lilibet her blessing.


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