Margot Robbie to play Elsa in Frozen live-action adaptation?

Fans have ruled in the favour of casting Margot Robbie as Elsa in the prospective live-action adaptation of Frozen.

Speculations went rife after Darth Trailer posted a fan-made trailer of the Disney film, which showed Robbie in the costume of the ice queen, accompanied by Kristen Bell as Elsa’s sister Anna.

The teaser trailer, spanning over one minute, shortly picked up steam following its release, and currently boosts 1million views on the channel.

The fan made trailer included clips from other projects, including Once Upon a Time, which adapted some of the Frozen characters into a live-action TV series.

It also showed Emily Blunt as a queen with ice powers with clips taken from The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Viewers took to comments to approve the prospective castings, with one writing: “I think this trailer looks pretty nice even though its fake.”

“Bro i thought this was real for a sec and was concerned but overall it’s a pretty good fake. Margo would actually make a pretty decent Elsa tho,” another exclaimed.

Despite fans’ many desires for the fantasy to come to life, unfortunately, a live-action of the frosty film hasn’t been officially announced by the animated studios yet. 


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