Eduardo Franco hints at Argyle’s absence in ‘Stranger Things’ finale

When season five of Stranger Things eventually streams on Netflix, it appears that fans will have to say goodbye to yet another cherished character.

Eduardo Franco, who portrayed Argyle in season four of the popular science fiction series, hinted that he might not be travelling to Hawkins, Indiana, to be with the group for Vecna’s last clash during a recent podcast interview.

Production on Stranger Things season five got underway on January 8. The announcement was made by the crew using a black-and-white cast shot that omitted James Franco. 

Podcast presenter Steve Varley asked the actor whether he could provide any updates on Argyle’s role in the season, pointing out to him that fans of his character were going crazy when he vanished from sight.

“I appreciate that,” he told the host about fans being disappointed he wasn’t in the shot. “It’s nice to hear that there’s some sort of concern or something, you know what I mean. But I never got a phone call. So, I think that’s it.”

When Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) and his family relocated to California to protect Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Argyle, who worked at Surfer Boy Pizza, became friends with Byers. Argyle, Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Will (Noah Schnapp), and their protector Agent Harmon (Ira Amyx) save Jonathan when military men storm his home. 

They travel into the desert together in search of Eleven, who willingly goes to a lab to reclaim her abilities.

When the lads track her down, Argyle assists them in building a sensory deprivation tank so Eleven can battle Vecna from across the nation while he still wreaks havoc on Hawkins.

Argyle takes everyone to the small Indiana town at the end of the season so they can help reconstruct Eleven’s house and go mushroom hunting.

Given the way the penultimate season of Stranger Things ended, it was reasonable to presume that Argyle would play a role in the show’s fifth and final season, even if there was no assurance he would return. 


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