Margot Robbie gives remarks on ‘Saltburn’s’ explicit scenes

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Since the release of Saltburn on Amazon Prime, the film has caused quite a stir on social media, with many people reporting feeling uneasy when seeing it in a theatre. Irish actor Barry Keoghan, who plays Oliver Quick, makes an effort to get to know Felix Catton, his best buddy, on a much more intimate level in one scene.

Oliver, an Oxford University scholar, and Felix, his closest friend, are the main subjects of Saltburn. Oliver fights to blend in with his affluent peers throughout the film, but eventually, he falls in love with Felix. However, in one scenario, as recounted by the author Emerald Fennell, Quick’s passion for his companion escalates.

Oliver leaps in and, without anybody knowing, immediately begins slurping up the water after Felix, played by Jacob’s character, has finished enjoying himself in the bathtub of his elegant home, leaving viewers utterly surprised. Although a lot of people were shocked, producer Margot Robbie claims she wasn’t stunned at all.

In a new interview, Australian-born Margot said: “It didn’t feel that shocking in the script, because Emerald immerses you into a world so quickly. She’s so masterful at tone and plot; she gets you into it so quickly — you’re just immediately like, ‘I’m in this world.’ So by the time you get to something like the bathtub scene, she’s primed you for it.”

“She’s got you, you’re, like, picking at a scab; you’re like, ‘I can’t help myself,’ or like popping a pimple: ‘I know I shouldn’t squeeze but I’m gonna.'”

Margot continued, adding that she believed Emerald’s script was “intentionally disgusting and satisfying,” before going on to say: “I think she wanted you to be equally as disgusted as you are titillated, and equally as shocked as you are by finding that depravity in yourself.”


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