Taylor Swift aims to take ‘considerable risk’ in 2024 at career’s peak

Taylor Swift is expected to influence her fans to vote for Joe Biden in the much-anticipated US presidential elections, which will take place in November 2024.

During an exclusive conversation with The Mirror, PR expert Lynn Carratt claimed that Swift’s “considerable risk” amid her flourishing career could potentially “come in the form of Politics.” 

Lynn added, “From watching her 2020 Miss Americana documentary, we know that Taylor has the ability to encourage 18-24-year-olds to register to vote…”

She further said, “…Also in the documentary, she spoke about her reasons for breaking her political silence and is often vocal about standing up for things she believes in.”

While predicting the pop megastar’s next move, Lynn said, “Taylor is a Democrat and could potentially save Joe Biden. Her cultural influence has the ability to shift political tides…”

However, the PR expert believes that Swift’s ‘involvement’ in “influencing US politics” might have a “negative impact” on her career.

Lynn said, “[While] sharing her political views and rallying against politicians, Taylor risks alienating fans, which could, in turn, have a negative impact on her career, and no one would want that to happen.”


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