Princess Kate eyes new royal title from King Charles on 42nd birthday

Kate Middleton is anticipating a rather illustrious present from her father-in-law King Charles on this birthday.

The Princess of Wales is officially in her birthday week as she is set to turn 42 on Jan. 9.

Reflecting on whether there are any birthday celebrations in the Palace on horizon, a source told the Daily Mail author Rebecca English, “They’ll be at Windsor as the children are just about to start back at school, so it will just be family.”

“But to be honest, that’s just the way she likes it,” they added.

According to English, however, there has been buzz in royal circles about the King’s special gift for his ‘beloved’ daughter-in-law in the form of a new position in the family.

Kate is reportedly in talks to be conferred the role of a Royal Lady of the Order of the Garter, the oldest and most senior Order of Chivalry in Britain.

“Many senior figures believe that after more than ten years of peerless royal service she deserves a place in their ranks in her own right,” relayed the royal author.

This is not all, though. English revealed that the princess and her husband Prince William might also be given the power to issue their own Royal Warrants from this year.

As a holder of such honor, Kate and William will be able to allow suppliers to advertise the royals as their buyers, providing the businesses with prestige and popularity.

“It would be a huge boost to British industry,” exclaimed the insider. “Interest would go through the roof, particularly in areas such as fashion and lifestyle.”


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