Kelly Clarson takes dig at LA concert outfit after weight loss

Kelly Clarkson doesn’t shy away from addressing her body transformation publicly.

During a recent performance at Chemistry—an Intimate Night With Kelly Clarkson, her Las Vegas residency, the Stronger singer playfully discussed her recent bodily makeover.A concertgoer once asked the Grammy winner if she would want to have a shot of vodka with her during the performance. Kelly said that while she was delighted to oblige her admirers, she was anxious that something might go wrong with her clothes.”Oh, boy,” Kelly said to the fan, “I really can’t bend in these,” as she leaned over to take the booze bottle in her figure-hugging jumpsuit, as shown in video posted on TikTok on January 2. “Dude, this is tight. Like, I lost weight and they’re like, ‘Let’s get you into this tight s–t.'”Kelly recently talked about her road to health and fitness, stating that coming to New York City last autumn was a major factor in her weight loss. This is when she made her remarks regarding her weight loss.”Walking in the city is quite the workout,” Kelly said in an interview, as per People. “I’m really into infrared saunas right now. And I just got a cold plunge because everybody wore me down.”


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