‘Magnum P.I.’ showrunner fuels hopes of series return after Season 5 finale

Fans are in for a treat as showrunner for Magnum P.I. Eric Guggenheim posed one condition for the return of the show. 

The five-season series culminated on a ‘hopeful note’ on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024, giving a much-anticipated goodbye to its characters. In a conversation with TV Guide, Guggenheim spoke out on the possibility of the series returning for a sixth season. He noted that if there’s a “really strong demand for it, if the cast is available and willing, if both studios are on board and if the numbers work for both, then sure, I could see there being a revival.”The American screenwriter commented on the show’s closure, mentioning that the team had “suffered” so much.He noted: “Our number one priority was giving our characters some closure. That was more important than tying up every loose end.””They had all suffered so much. It was like tragedy porn. They were all broken to some degree when we first met them. At the end of the day, it’s an optimistic, blue-sky show, and we wanted to go out on a hopeful note,” he continued.

Why was the show cancelled?

The show was cancelled initially in 2022 as a result of licensing fee disputes between service providers CBS and Universal Television. This could have played a role in its cancellation in 2024.

Magnum P.I. cast & crew

Magnum P.I season finale consists of 20 episodes starring Perdita Weeks, Jay Hernandez, Roger E. Mosley, Larry Manetti Zachary Knighton among others.The plot revolves around an ex-Navy SEAL, played by Hernandez, who returns from Afghanistan to Hawaii. He takes on a job as a private investigator and uses his skills for a dedicated cause


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