Kelly Clarkson’s New Year eve Las Vegas show becomes wedding venue

Kelly Clarkson made New Year eve special for a couple and also for her Las Vegas show.

Kelly Clarkson made New Year eve special for a couple and also for her Las Vegas show.

On New Year’s Eve, Kelly Clarkson bid farewell to 2023 with a historic occasion as she assisted in the marriage of a couple while performing in Las Vegas.

The 41-year-old singer, Because Of You, who recently flaunted her weight reduction, was performing at Chemistry: An Intimate Night With Kelly Clarkson, her residency, when she happened to run into two fans in the crowd.

The couple revealed that their wedding was scheduled for that evening, which also happened to be the star’s show, in a video that was posted to YouTube.

“Oh, it is tonight? With me?” A moment after Clarkson would have started asking animatedly, an officiant began to approach the Grammy winner and the couple.

One of the men said, gesturing towards Kelly with a microphone, that he and his partner had been together for over 15 years.

When audience heard of the surprise marriage, the assembled crowd could be heard cheering from their seats.

The man who had joined them was given the microphone by Kelly, and he immediately started officiating the little ceremony.

The Breakaway singer had a happy smile on her lips as she put her arm around one of the mens.

In the end, the officiate announced, “By the power of Kelly Clarkson’s show, Las Vegas New Year’s 2024, I pronounce you both husband and husband!”

She then made time to snap a selfie with the newlyweds and was spotted giving the officiant a heartfelt hug.

Regaining the microphone, Kelly yelled, “Where’s your mama?” to one of their mothers who was there in the audience.

A few feet away, a woman leaned down to hold Clarkson’s hand. The singer inquired, in a funny tone, “What did your baby just do?”

“You guys, that was so wonderful!” the star exclaimed as she started to head back down towards the stage, taking in the momentous moment that had just happened.

The 10-night Las Vegas residency by Clarkson at the Bakkt Theatre at Planet Hollywood was announced in March 2023 and took place from July to August of that same year.

The singer did, however, add extra days to the residency, which began in December of last year and will finish in February of 2024.


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