Dolly Parton warned of going on ‘stairway to hell’ with risky song

Holly Willoughby finds ‘silver lining’ following ‘disappointing’ career blow

Dolly Parton’s husband advised her not to cover the titular album Stairway To Heaven but the singer defied odds and released it anyway.

Speaking of the country legend’s latest album Rockstar, her spouse, Carl Dean warned her not to release a particular track because he feared, she might face criticism.The 77-year-old revealed: “He said, ‘I don’t know if you need to mess with that, because I think you’ll get a lot of criticism. People don’t want other people messing around with that song.’“But I did it anyhow. And he made a joke about it at first, ‘I think that was more like ‘Stairway To Hell’ than ‘Stairway To Heaven,’ “she added.Dolly admitted that she was determined to invest in the song since she wanted to prove herself sharing, “I’ve taken some rock things off and on over my career and countrified them.”The Halos and Horns alum claimed that she “did the first ‘Stairway To Heaven’ in the bluegrass gospel field.”Spilling beans on the remake of her titular album, Dolly said that she “decided, for this album, I wanted people to know that I could sing it in its original form.”Also, admitting that the singer “wanted, more than anything, for Carl to know that I could do that too. So I decided to be true to its form.”However, Parton shared that Carl wasn’t afraid to lose, gushing: “I have to add that Carl said [afterwards], ‘Y’know, that’s pretty good,’ She continued,“That’s really something coming from him.”


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