Andy Cohen spilled how he got scammed big time

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Andy Cohen has recently spilled how he got scammed on the latest episode of his Daddy Diaries podcast.

Cohen shared he didn’t want to go “too deeply into what happened,” but said he was deceived by someone claiming to be from his bank’s fraud alert department.“I did lose a card, and I put in for [a replacement for] it, and I got an email saying, ‘There might be fraud on your account,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, this is attached to the card I lost,’” recalled the Watch What Happens Live host.When he logged into the site linked in the email, alarm bells started ringing when the person he was speaking with asked for his Apple ID and password.“I had already logged into my bank app,” stated Cohen.The media celebrity noted, “I think somehow my logging through whatever this site was gave them access to my bank app.”“They were naming credits that I had made, charges, because they clearly had access to my account,” confessed the host.Cohen disclosed that he was tricked during his hour and 10-minute phone call.“She was like, ‘I need you to enter into your phone these numbers. I went to the keypad, and I entered a bunch of numbers that she told me to enter,’” he explained.Cohen continued, “And what came onto my screen was this screen that basically said… I had set up call forwarding and message forwarding on my phone.”“Since I had set up call forwarding, the calls went to the scam artists, and they confirmed the wires,” he added.In the end, Cohen suggested, “If something is happening, just go to your bank branch. And when you get emails, it might say your bank’s name, but click on the name, and you’ll see that it’s some other random address.”


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