Prince William, Princess Kate face Harry, Meghan’s accusations with ‘dignity’

Prince William and Kate Middleton received praise for always putting up a united front even after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s claims against the royal couple.  

In conversation with GB News, PR expert Luana Ribeira said, “Both William and Kate have a quiet dignity people admire.”

She added, “While the Sussexes could be said to have been washing their dirty linen in public, the Prince and Princess of Wales have provided a stark contrast and kept themselves out of any drama.”

It is not a hidden fact that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex often made it to the headlines for their controversial remarks against the royal family. 

From Harry’s explosive tell-all memoir Spare to Meghan alleged “mouthpiece” Omid Scobie’s ‘racist royals’ claims, the California-based couple strained their relationship with the Prince and Princess of Wales in 2023. 

Luana heaped praise on William and Kate for keeping their private affairs to themselves, saying, “they manage to walk the fine line between being very visible and hard-working when it comes to their public duties, while staying fairly invisible when it comes to their personal opinions and private lives.”

The expert added that the future King and Queen stand united amid harsh phases of life. 

She said, “From scurrilous rumours about their private life, through to accusations of physical attacks made by his own brother, the pair have faced it all.”


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