Wheel of Fortune player ‘unfazed’ by backlash over ‘worst guess’ on show

Wheel of Fortune player Gishma Tabari broke her silence after being humiliated for a “viral guess” on the show. 

The contestant was branded ‘stupid’ by dedicated fanbase of the game show following her ‘weird’ guess to a triple toss-up puzzle. 

While speaking exclusively to Fox News Digital, Gishma revealed she had already anticipated such a response to her answers.

“The funny part was, right before I went on, I went to my husband, Saman, and I was like … ‘My fear is that I’m gonna go on the show and I’m gonna say or do something stupid that everyone’s gonna laugh,” she told the outlet. 

During one of the segments, letters “TH_ _RITI_S_ _GR_E” appeared on the screen, to which she shot back, “The British Ogre” without second-guessing. 

Social media users were quick to label it as the “worst guess ever.”

Tabara, reflecting on the insult exclaimed: “I think it was just from my imagination,” she continued, “From the moment I was up there, and I saw the board, that’s what I saw. Now I look at it and I’m like… it doesn’t make sense.”

She further provided justification, explaining: “I saw my picture and I was like, ‘Oh my God. That’s me.'”

She shared that her stomach was “in knots”  after making headlines on social media.

Tabari went on to clarify that she had a good laugh at her “own joke,” steering clear of any rude remarks. 


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