Polar opposites’ King Charles, Queen Camilla ‘have been through a lot

King Charles and Queen Camilla have been branded an ‘extraordinary team’ by their close friends and family.

The Queen’s sister Annabel Elliot and friend Lady Fiona Lansdowne reflected on the monarchs’ dynamics during an interview for BBC One royal documentary titled, Charles III: The Coronation Year, set to premiere tonight, Dec. 26.

Elliot, who is also Lady in Attendance for the Queen stressed that the latter is Charles’ ‘rock,’ adding, “She’s somebody who is completely loyal and she isn’t somebody who has huge highs and lows.”

However, she insisted that their love for each other is a two-way street. Elliot gushed, “[Charles] brings to her everything. He has such a knowledge and interest in so many different things, which she wouldn’t really have been pen to if she hadn’t met him.”

“They are yin and yang, really. They really are polar opposites. But I think it works brilliantly,” Elliot affirmed.

The upcoming documentary is set to shed light on the monarch’s first year of reign, beginning from the opulent day of the Coronation all the way to this month.

Camilla’s long-term friend Fiona Lansdowne echoed similar sentiments about the pair’s marriage, saying, “They are an extraordinary team.”

“And I think it’s, whether they’ve sort of had to fight to get there, or whether it’s just because they’ve been through a lot together – it’s made them have a really strong bond,” the Lady-in-Waiting added. 


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