Pete Davidson sparks concern over cancelling shows frequently

With little explanation, Pete Davidson decided to cancel several of his comedy events, which has left fans both upset and alarmed.

In one case, the comedian and actor cancelled his appearances at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on Friday and Saturday, just hours before the concert was scheduled to start.

Fans and ticket buyers received emails from the theatre advising them that Davidson would not be performing owing to “unforeseen circumstances,” with the offer of a complete refund within 30 days of the performance.

However, comedy fans who were eager to see the 30-year-old live found little solace in that.

When one fan learned that the show was being cancelled, they complained because they had already started their journey.

They wrote: “Was literally about to walk out the door for the pete davidson show just to see it was canceled 2.5 hours before the show started….. rip this week is not going my way.”

Another said: “Was excited to see Pete Davidson tonight but his show just got canceled.”

Due to the postponed performances, which run through the New Year, Davidson won’t be performing live in 2023, and questions are starting to arise about his availability for that year.

It seems that Pete also cancelled his performances in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Wisconsin that were slated to run from December 26 to January 4. The performances are currently listed on the Ticketmaster website as “cancelled.”


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