Prince Harry will end royal rift without Meghan Markle’s approval

Prince Harry is adamant on going ahead with reconciling with his estranged royal family whether Meghan Markle likes it or not.

The Duke of Sussex is “still holding out hope for a family reunion over the holidays despite William putting his foot down,” a source told OK! Magazine.Previously, reports have suggested that Harry has been feeling “lonely” in the US and has been actively pursuing his security case in London High Court so he can spend more time in his home country.Read More: Prince Harry clashes with Meghan Markle over relocation to New York City“Harry wants nothing more than to be able to spend time in the UK this Christmas,” the insider told the outlet. “He’s got invites from friends to join them and it’s where he feels at home.”Comparing the different customs of the two countries, Harry “doesn’t feel the Americans can do Christmas like the Brits.” Moreover, “he certainly doesn’t think that anyone can celebrate Christmas like the Windsors,” the insider claimed.On the other hand, the former Suits actress “doesn’t want to come back to the UK at all.”

“She wants to build her life there, bring up the family there and focus on her career,” the source continued.“I think Harry is the complete opposite – I think he has his heart set on bringing his family back to the UK. I’m sure it’s a very difficult situation for them as a family to be in.”


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