Why abdicating throne to King Charles was never Queen Elizabeth’s calling

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly never considered abdicating despite having to carry the weight of the monarchy well into her old age.

According to Digital Royal Editor Emily Ferguson, while writing for Express, the late monarch felt she had to stick out till the end of her reign as she believed it was her divine calling.

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“She strongly believed in the divine right of kings – a religious doctrine that her right to rule came directly from the will of God.

“As a deeply religious person, the Queen believed that she was on the throne due to God’s will and it was not up to her to decide if she could quit – to do so would be going against God.

Due to her religious outlook, the Queen felt it was her duty to give her life to service, which she made apparent with her public appearances coming as late as two days before her death. 

“Her unwavering faith, and position as head of the Church of England, is why she was so dedicated to a life of service and never faltered in her commitment to get the job done.

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“This is why she carried out constitutional duty of appointing Liz Truss as the new UK prime minister on September 6, 2022 – just two days before her death.”


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