Princess Kate seen kissing, curtsying King Charles in new footage

Princess Kate, in new behind the scenes footage from King Charles’s Coronation, is seen in very sweet moment with her father-in-law.

More footage from BBC’s new documentary about the King’s crowning ceremony have been released.In the latest footage from King Charles’s Coronation, set to be released next week, there is a never-before-seen moment where the Princess of Wales is seen kissing and curtsying for the monarch following the grand ceremony.The new clip shows King Charles and Queen Camilla returning to Buckingham Palace following their crowning ceremony. The couple are greeted by royal staff and members of the Firm. The viewers see staff standing alert ahead of the monarch’s arrival, having been instructed to give three cheers for the King and the Queen. As Charles and Camilla enter, Prince George can be seen carrying his grandfather’s robes as a pageboy.Princess Anne is heard speaking about how her brother felt: “Ask any actor who comes off stage having done a performance that they really put a lot into, it’s that kind of relief.”A moment later the Prince and Princess of Wales enter the premises and congratulate the monarch. Prince Edward can be seen kissing his brother on the cheek, followed by Princess Kate who did the same before curtsying to the monarch.Earlier in the clip, the monarch can be seen lifting the arm in his robe and saying: “I can fly” before gesturing to his four pages, including George, “Shall we get ourselves organised round there?”

Prince William, Kate Middleton ‘feel urgency’ to spend time with children

Prince William and Princess Kate have prioritised their children’s upbringing over royal engagements in 2023.

In conversation with GB News, royal expert Kinsey Schofield claimed that the Prince and Princess of Wales have a “sense of urgency” to spend quality time with their children in order to raise “good, normal human beings.”

She added, “I believe that Catherine, the Princess of Wales, is a human jungle gym. We’ve seen her at public events with children, they’re crawling all over her.”

While taking a dig at Prince Harry, Kinsey said, “These are two people that work smarter, not harder, and that’s okay.”

She continued, “I think their strategy in the end will mean they’re going to bring up brilliant, kind, wonderful people that don’t behave like their uncle, Prince Harry.”

Earlier, it was reported that the future King and Queen of UK left royal fans unimpressed this year with their decreased involvement in royal events.

The royal couple have been advised to engage in more royal events to rebuild their image following the ‘racist royals’ claims in Omid Scobie’s controversial book Endgame

For the unversed, royal author Omid allegedly revealed the names of two royal figures involved in racist conversations against Harry and Meghan Markle’s son Archie, which left a bad impression on the royal family. 


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