Prince William planning to ‘take over King Charles’ to fix problems

Prince William is said to be planning to fix his father King Charles III’s ‘problem’, an expert has claimed.

The Prince of Wales, who’s heir to the throne as the eldest son of King Charles, is allegedly trying to play a certain game in order to deal with the “real problem” of the monarch.Endgame may not offer anything new, but royal author Clive Irving has made one striking observation. In his opinion, Kate Middleton’s husband William feels the moment has come for him to ascend to the throne and stop the monarchy from becoming irrelevant in today’s world.Irving, in talks with Express US, suggested: “William is a man of now and Charles is a man of yesterday.”Irving is reacting to royal author Omid Scobie’s claim in Endgame that the King is reportedly perturbed by the actions of the future king, who’s allegedly stealing the monarch’s thunder in a bid to hasten his transition to becoming Head of State.The biggest takeaway from Meghan Markle’s ‘mouthpiece’ Scobie’s book is that William is “playing a very strong game”.Clive Irving told the outlet: “If you take the metaphor of the book’s title: that it’s a chess game.”The royal expert wen on explaining: “It’s important to remember that he [William] is already 16 years older than the Queen was when she came to the throne. He’s very mature and much more experienced than she was.”According to Irving, the 75-year-old monarch has failed to connect with the public like his mother did over her 70 years of public duties.The author went on claiming that “it’s a different situation because his father’s still alive. He’s still there and he’s a real problem in the sense that he’s not a figure of the moment.”The Head of State is supposed to be present in the lives of people, if it’s even subconsciously. He’s not been able to make that breakthrough. People are largely indifferent to his presence,” according to the author.The royal author did not stop here, as he alleged William did not consider Charles “competent enough” to adequately deal with the Duke of York’s situation and that the King took his lack of involvement in William’s big environmental initiative, the Earthshot prize, as a personal slight.In a previous interview with Daily Express US, another royal commentator Tom Bower said: “Charles’s popularity is clearly nothing like his mother’s. The monarchy is still popular. But I think William and Kate keep the whole flame going.”


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