Nicole Kidman named as Balenciaga’s new brand ambassador

Nicole Kidman is exposed to a career downfall danger as she has partnered with controversial brand Balenciaga for its recent marketing drive.

On Sunday, she was officially announced as the new ambassador for a Fall 2024 Los Angeles show.A couple of monochrome pictures were floated where the Eyes Wide Shut star posed in a long stylish coat before a concrete wall.The fashion house opened a can of wide denouncement along with immense criticism in 2022 when it publicized a photoshoot that position children next to BDSM items. Commentators asked why would a team of adults “think this is appropriate” or “include children at all?”Soon, people dived deeper into its previous campaigns and more revelations began emerging about the company’s worrying ways.As part of a Summer 2023 marketing strategy, a photo shared on its social media pages featured papers from an American Supreme Court’s statement on child pornography laws.Many celebrities have since then publicly chopped ties with Balenciaga, asking followers not to make purchases from the business so that they rethink this through.Some stars have however chosen not to address the issue. Nicole remains one of them with no mention of label anywhere.


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