Mysterious events

A mysterious place. Dada bought land in Mahalla Kot Kubba in 1997 for business. When there was a demand to buy this place, many people stopped Bashir from buying this place, but Bashir kept his stubbornness and bought the place (Rs. 70 thousand per 2 kanals). Before the purchase of the land, a man who was the MNA of Nisht of Pasrur, name was Mian Hamid. He was a close friend of Bashir. The area is more than that. As long as you buy this place (70 thousand per 2 kanals). For such a price (70 thousand per 4 canals), buy double the place from me, my place is many times better than that, besides, there is a road on both the north and south sides. But Bashir refused saying that this place is nearer to my house while yours is far away. Besides, there was a big old man who was a resident of Shakargarh. Grandfather had taken his hand. Tha, known as Bajharan Wala, told him with his spirit of discovery that you should not buy this place because there is no blessing or benefit in it. Instead of a benefit, there is a loss. Despite a lot of persuasion, Bashir stubbornly bought it. After buying the place, Baba Bujharan Wala said that you have bought this place. But do not stay in the words that it will benefit you, but it will cause you a lot of loss which will be unbearable, besides becoming a mortal enemy and becoming a collar on your neck, this place will demand your blood. Will be. This will take someone’s life from your house. Buzig’s words did not have any effect on Bashir, he said (this place is close to the house) and bought the place. A few days later, the elder’s words proved to be completely true. As it happened, there was some construction work left at the site. That grandmother took the children and grandchildren for a walk around the place. The children were busy playing. Mysterious deaths. This Mysterious event 14.02.2021 Sunday It was only 26 days after my father’s death that a very surprising incident happened to us, the details of which are recorded. 02:32 The mother woke up at night to worship and saw that salt had fallen on the floor and a white cloth (with four idols on it) was hanging over the salt. I dreamed (at midnight). Someone dressed in full black attacked us (with a dagger). And we made ourselves safe by thwarting his attack. The sister was considered impure that God blesses her and no calamity has happened. She got up and saw Samira’s four pies. Samira was lying unconscious due to illness. I saw Father, Ali, and Faiza outside in the courtyard. Mother was busy in dhikr with a rosary in her hand. I saw something white on the floor. I thought that the walls were coming down because of the fog. Both the sisters and the mother gathered on the same side and salted the floor. They were staring and feeling fear that I also felt fear and asked my mother what was the matter. Mother said who dropped this salt on the floor. I said no one had dropped it. The mother asked again. That the candle had gone somewhere. Where have we been at home all day, no one went or came home. When mother and brother touched the salt, they started to feel pain. I tied it up and flew to our house on the street. Considered more about the magic items on which the ghosts were made. It was an open shroud. Mother forbade all of us to touch these objects and instructed us to mention them without hesitation. Suddenly it came to my mind that mother, burn them and see if it spreads, then it will be legal, if it shrinks, then it will be halal. Mother said that you should do it and see. Our doubt turned into belief. We collected all the salt and burned it on a large fire. The salt broke into firecrackers and burned. We were again shocked that even the cloth could not firecrackers. After all this incident we were quite sure that it was magic. As soon as we got up, we collected the details of those who bathed the father and those who buried him and inquired about the solution to the problem from some scholars. Even before this incident, we had an incident in the same days/month in the last year 2020 in which four idols were made on the four edges of the shroud cloth. Flour, red chilies and crackers were tied inside the cloth and thrown. Mother’s belief was to burn these items. But on someone’s advice, those things were thrown into the flowing water. Due to this it had an effect on the father and the father began to suffer from nervous tension. He would gradually become weak when the day of his death began to approach. Complaining of shortness of breath along with physical pain, the pain was rising every minute. The mother was also surprised that all her life she did not have any pain or any such disease, then how did this happen? Suffering from the same pain, the father went to his real creator after the seventh mother of this incident. After this incident, after a lot of consideration, we considered the father’s death not accidental, but a serious type of murder, because father

The devilish activities of our enemies were now engaged in our genocide. They wanted to kill us and take away our property.
17.02.2021, Wed, Night 11; 30 p.m
This was the second incident with us, which happened three days after the first incident. We were all awake in our rooms. Suddenly there was a sound of cats crying on the roof. Ali went on the roof to disturb the cats. I went to the yard to drink water, and while drinking water I saw the dal spread on the fridge, then I asked my mother if Ali has cooked dal day, I didn’t know, so I asked Ali, Ali denied it. I stared at the entire floor and walked forward to find a cloth with the following description. In this event, two idols were made on one side of the cloth of the shroud. A thread was tied in the middle. In one part, dal muster was painted, in the other part, dal music was mixed with salt. On the edge of the cloth, the blood of a chick was applied. We have full suspicion that whoever is involved in this incident is our family enemy. We have suspected three persons.
18.02.2021, Fri, 4:15AM
This was the third incident with us. In this incident, instead of throwing the witchcraft items inside the house, the devils threw them outside the door of the house. The description is as follows: Ali was going to buy something from the shop at eight o’clock. When she opened the door, she found the items lying on the door and informed her mother. She collected the items and burned them. Whenever this happened to us, we immediately burned the items. Because we knew. By burning the bewitched objects, their effect is reversed and reversed on the bewitcher.


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