The Masked Singer’s celebrity identity under S’more costume unmasked

The latest episode of The Masked Singer Season 10 unveiled much-anticipated identity of the celebrity inside the costume of S’More.

Ashley Parker Angel, musician and a member of the boyband O-Town was revealed to be the latest celebrity to surprise the cast and crew of the musical show on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

Angel rose to prominence with unprecedented success of the pop band in the early noughties. He went on to pursue a brief solo career before stepping away from the music world to focus on entrepreneurship.

Speaking to Variety, the There & Back star reflected on his decision to accept the stint after being approached by the show creators.

“It had been 20 years as a performer traveling all over the world, ‘Pop Star,’ boy band, TV shows on MTV, Broadway, and I was ready to kind of pivot into something else,” he told the outlet.

“So, I really had not been performing in quite some time. And I was a huge fan of ‘The Masked Singer.’ I was like, I got to do this. This is just the perfect show.”


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